In the past 2 years, we sold thousands of xarm series robots all over the world. We also got a lot of feedback from our customers, so early this year, we released the new model of xarm series - XF/XI/XS13xx.

How to identify the model of your robot?

The S/N is on the base of the robot arm, please refer to one of the below pictures. The first 6 characters help to identify the model of your robot.

The main difference is the TOOL HEAD dimension.

The picture is the tool head dimension of xarm old version(XF/XI/XS12xx).

The picture is the tool head dimension of xarm new version(XF/XI/XS13xx).

From the picture, you could find the difference,

1, Less but deeper screw hole

The depth of M6 screw holes in the old tool head (XF/XI/XS12xx) is 6mm, which is not deep enough for screws, so in the new version (XF/XI/XS13xx) we modified them into 10mm.

2, Changing the position of 4-M6 screw holes (PCDφ50)

The new version (XF/XI/XS13xx) follows the robot flange standard in the industry.

If I am switching the robot from (XF/XI/XS12xx) to (XF/XI/XS13xx), what should I pay attention to?

AC/DC Control Box

The new robot(XF/XI/XS13xx) comes with an all-new control box as well. And no worries, there is no difference in software and SDK side, and the only difference is size, weight, and more IOs.

Here is a simple comparison:

For more dimension details, please refer to the 3D file:

Tool Head

Since the position of 4-M6 φ50 is changed, it is better to try 2-M6 φ63 screws holes to make your design compatible with both new and old version robot arm.

Try the screws holed in red arrow to make your design fit all robots.

Gripper, Vacuum Gripper

No difference.

BIO Gripper, 6 Axis Force Torque Sensor

Please contact our sales and share the S/N of your robots in hand. We will take care of the difference before shipping.

3rd Party Device

Please make sure you are referring to the correct dimension picture or 3D files based on your robot S/N.

3D model(XF/XI/XS12xx)

Please contact and share the S/N of your robot as well.

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