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Guide User to Solve the Error C24: Speed Exceeds Limit
Guide User to Solve the Error C24: Speed Exceeds Limit
Written by Wang Daniel
Updated over a week ago

This article uses the following program as an example to illustrate how to solve this error C24: Speed Exceeds Limit.


When running the above program, the C24 error will appear:

There are two reasons for this error:

(1) The motion speed is too high.

(2) Singularity appears in the motion path.

We can solve this problem through the following three methods.


(1) Reduce TCP speed

Reduce TCP speed

Reducing the motion speed in the program.

(2) Re-plan the path to the target point(Interpolation)

You can insert one or more points between original path points to avoid singularities.

For a detailed description of the singularity, please refer to the page 155-157 of the UFACTORY xArm user manual: UFACTORY xArm user manual

(3) Use joint motion to replace the TCP pose


If the above methods can not solve your issue, please send the files below to us.

● The script or points(>2) that can reproduce the problem.

● The configuration file of the UFACTORY xArm.

The method of downloading the configuration file:

1) Enter the "settings"-"Advanced"-"Advanced Tool"-"Configuration File"

2) Click the 【Export Configuration】button to export the parameters of the robotic arm as a configuration file.

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