How to use PLC to control UFACTORY xArm
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1. Connection Method

The detailed connection diagram of PLC and the IO module of the control box is as follows:


1) The brand of PLC used in this article is Mitsubishi, and the model is Fx3u-16M.

2) Since our digital output is an open collector, if the digital input of the PLC you use does not have a built-in pull-up resistor, you need to connect a pull-up resistor to each digital input of the PLC.

2. Example



Register two events:

When CI0 is triggered, execute program A;

When CI2 is triggered, execute program B;

Conditions for PLC to trigger CI0 and CI2:

When the signal of CO0 changes, trigger CI0;

When the signal of CO2 changes, trigger CI2;

Use PLC to control the motion of the UFACTORY xArm:

When the PLC triggers CI0, execute program A;

When the PLC triggers CI2, execute program B;

PLC program

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