The Error C31 "Collision Caused Abnormal Current":

1)  The TCP Payload is inconsistent with the actual payload of the xArm.

Check whether the TCP Payload is consistent with the actual payload of the xArm.

● When the gripper is installed on the xArm, the TCP Payload of the gripper should be set in the Blockly program. When the total weight of the gripper changes after the object is picked, a new TCP Payload needs to be set.

● It is recommended that users use automatic identification to set the TCP      Payload. Automatic identification can calculate the weight and center of mass of the end payload automatically.

The method of setting the TCP Payload in Blockly:


Be sure to set the correct weight and center of mass of the end payload, otherwise, the xArm Studio may also report a C31 error.

● If there is no payload on the end of the xArm, you need to set the TCP Payload to 0, as shown in the following figure.

2)  The motion speed is set too high.

Sometimes the motion speed of the xArm is too high will also report such errors, it is recommended to reduce the movement speed of the xArm appropriately.

3)  xArm does not perform the Friction Identification.

Method for judging whether xArm has performed Friction Identification.
●  Enter the Settings→System→System Info
●  Check whether the Robot SN in the System Info is consistent with the SN                       of the xArm base.

●  If  the Robot SN in the System Info and the SN of the xArm base are inconsistent,         please perform the Friction Identification on xArm.
Steps to Friction Identification, please check the vedio below.

4)  The Collision Sensitivity is set too high.

In the case of confirming that the load or installation direction of the xArm is set accurately, you can try to lower the collision sensitivity as much as possible, It is recommended to adjust its value to about 3.

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